Curious about everything. Passionate about technology.

I started my career as a software engineer, and still love writing code and solving problems. But prefer to have more impact and be involved across a wider area of business. Including product strategy, business development and most importantly, working with customers.

These days I spend most of my time solving problems across product, teams, tech, architecture, systems and platforms.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently building a new business with a range of exciting new technologies.

Mentoring & Coaching

I’ve been in tech leading roles now for over 15 years - as CTO, development manager, senior architect & tech lead positions.

During that time I’ve noticed the challenges in building products and leading teams has remained consistent. Unfortunately, I uncovered a range of these challenges the hard way. I also found if you’re the senior most tech person in your company (or department) it’s sometimes hard to find someone to talk to.

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